Mission Ctrl

Add Custom Blocks to the WordPress Dashboard

With Mission Ctrl, you can build your own dashboard widgets using the power of blocks.


The WordPress dashboard has been underutilized for years.

It was just that page you landed on after logging in. We want to change that.

Now you can build a custom dashboard specific to any website, using the power of blocks.

Which blocks? All of them.

If you can use it on a page, you can use it in the dashboard.

You can customize a page, why not be able to customize the dashboard?
Custom dashboard example built with Mission Ctrl

Imagine the Possibilities

With Mission Ctrl, you can customize your site admin dashboard the same way you customize a page


Just for you

Build the dashboard of your dreams. Cat video blocks everywhere? Sure!


The 411.

Put useful information front and center. It will be the first thing users see.

Block Builders

If it’s a block, you can use it.

Compatible with other block builder plugins. Utilize their blocks and patterns in the dashboard.

Assemble a central command and information center for your website.
List block used in the WP dashboard
This one uses the list block.
This is actually the RSS widget.
This is actually the RSS widget.
This is created using the video block.
This is created using the video block.

When would you use this?

Umm…do you have a WordPress site?


(People who help people with WordPress)

How about training video blocks for clients right in the admin dashboard?


(People who use WordPress)

Maybe some list blocks for tasks and deadlines on upcoming posts? Or instructions for your mom.


(People who make with WordPress)

License keys, product sales, example patterns, RSS feeds, countdowns, and more.

There are hundreds of potential use cases we’re not even thinking of, and we can’t wait to discover them with you.

“Mission Ctrl is a WordPress plugin that blockifies the WordPress dashboard screen. The plugin allows users, developers, agencies, or even hosts set up the dashboard with custom widgets (called boards) that are built through the block editor.

It is just brilliant enough to make me ask myself why I did not think of the idea first.”

Justin Tadlock // WPTavern


OK, how much does this cost?

One Site




  • A single site and purchase

Unlimited Sites




  • Unlimited sites for a year

Unlimited Lifetime




  • To infinity, and…
What else would you like to know?

Frequently Asked Questions

As many as you want. But think of the dashboard like a page. If you add 100 videos to it, it’s going to take a while to load.

We mean any block. If you can use the block on one of your pages, you can use it in the admin dashboard with Mission Ctrl.

Hover over “Dashboard” in your site admin and click on “Boards.” You can start building boards and customizing from there.

Nope! We just hide them and give you the ability to show them individually if you please. When in your dashboard, near the top left click the drop down for “Screen Options” and you’ll see what we mean.

Try it out for 14 days. If you don’t like it, send an email to [email protected] and we will process the return. Your license will be deactivated and you will receive a full refund.

We’ve got a roadmap of additional features that are in the works. This is not one and done. Mission Ctrl will be getting regular updates and new features built for a long time to come.

Because space is cool and this plugin makes us think of using blocks to build your own personal command center in the dashboard.

Send an email to [email protected] and ask for Jamieson.

Mission Control

Build a dashboard NASA would be lime green jelly of.